Adding Google Map to your website is a quick process using a simple application on our website. You will only need to enter the relevant address and click the “Generate Code” button. You will then be provided with a link which you will simply copy and paste on your website. This can be done for any type of website. 

Here are a few more helpful tips.  

Google Maps Satellite Imagery and Street View

Google Maps gives you the option to view an address, location, or map through satellite imagery or traditional map or via street view. Satellite imagery gives you real-world view from above, and you can zoom in to street level for a 360-degree perspective using Street View. Street View provides interactive panoramas on street level. Street View is available for almost any location around the world. 


Google Maps is constantly updating its database with additional locations using Google Map vans that literally drive around to capture images and other relevant cartographic information. 

Increase Map Functionality

Through Google’s Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs), functionality of embedded Google maps can be easily expanded by users. For example, Google Earth’s three-dimensional globe can be embedded into a web page using Google Earth’s API. Expanded map functionality includes location pins, landmark images, distances, directions, elevations, and time zones, among others. Google’s APIs will soon be made available for free to the public. 

Google Maps Integrated User Reviews

User reviews for certain locations, such as hotels and restaurants, are also integrated into Google Maps so users can quickly get information about the location they’re searching for. 

Plan Routes with Integrated Public Transport Schedules

Google Maps also gives users access to local public transportation schedules, such as bus and train routes and schedules. Users can easily plan their routes, depending on mode of transport, as they also search for directions to a specific location. Image thumbnails are also provided to give users additional visual guides. 

Google Maps’ Accurate Driving Directions

Google Maps does not only provide users with the exact searched location on the map; it also shows the user where it is relative to the user’s current location. And the user is offered the option to get driving directions. 

You’ll Never Get Lost Again When You Use Google Maps

With its accuracy, convenience, and multiple functionality, Google Maps is an essential travel app, whether you’re walking, riding the bicycle, driving, or taking public transportation, or any combination of these. Google Maps make it easy to find a location and get directions, and then you can simply take screenshots of the map and save them on your phone. Or you can use Google Maps in real-time while on the go. You should never leave home without Google Maps!