Laser Cut Wood Charts For The Boater In Your Life

New York Harbor 3 D Nautical Chart Of Coastline

Do you have a grandfather who served in a navy? He is now wise, elderly man and whenever you visit him, you find him either bent over the old photos or sitting in a cloud of thoughts, remembering the days that are gone now. He shows you the pictures and the things that he has kept from his navy days and says how much he loved sailing and that he would like to hold all those nautical maps just once more or just to look at them. You feel sorry for him, and you would like to help him and find somewhere nautical maps and give them as a present to him. You can make the dreams of your dear grandpa come true; all you need to do is to contact Carved Lake Art.

They are one of those rare companies specialized in the production of nautical maps. But, they are special because they produce unique decorative maps beautifully carved in wood which can be a perfect decoration detail or an excellent choice for a gift. They have a wide offer of various framed nautical charts which are not only meant for decoration but they also very accurately depict many locations, and you only have to decide which you think your grandpa would like the most.

Great Lakes 3 D Nautical Wood Map Laser Cut

You can choose Wood Charts of Great Lakes which are stunning pieces of representation of nautical topographic maps as art. They represent many locations near Great Lakes and the places around it, and they are as beautiful and fascinating on these Wooden Maps as in a real life. If you think that your grandfather would like something else, there are Michigan Inland Lake Maps which are some of the finest pieces of nautical artwork that Carved Lake Art produces. They display so many details nicely carved in wood, from 3D topographic details which perfectly depict the depths of the waters and bottom contours to the etched land details which give the viewer a better perspective and a possibility to find some landmarks easily. These are only a tiny piece of their great nautical art and all the maps that they produce. You can choose and order whatever you want, maybe even the maps of some of the places for which you know that your grandfather sailed there and in that way surprise him greatly and evoke some of his old long forgotten memories and make him happy.

Shipping is free, so you will not spend so much money but you will have a perfect gift for your grandfather, and you will get it in the shortest period possible. If you want to take a look at some pieces of their art and read more details about them you can visit their internet page, and there read all that you are interested to know and see the pictures of some of their wonderful wooden maps. You can also call them whenever you want, and they will explain to you everything and how you can order your maps.


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