One of the number one disadvantage of buying a glass made equipment or building is that glasses are prone to breaking now and then. This therefore makes them one of the most perishable equipments you can find in your house, depending on the type of glass that they have been made with. Many equipments these days are made of glass ranging from windscreens, shower doors and building walls. Sometimes repairing the glass is cheaper than buying the tool again. You therefore need to know how to repair your glass in case it is broken. This article will therefore help you know the different ways glasses are repaired.

Using Glue

Like any other type of repair, glasses can be repaired using glue specifically mad e for repairing the glass. One type of this glue is the epoxy glass glue, which meshes together the pieces of glass. While using the glue however you ought to apply the glue on one side of the equipment you are repairing and use as little as possible so that it does not bulge outwards. In addition, the glue ought to become solid when it has dried so that it can hold together the broken pieces of the glass. While using the glue make sure that, the glue is clear so that the glass can regain in its original form. After applying the glue one is required subsequently to press together the pieces so that they can remain intact together.

Patching up the Glass

In this type of repair, one is required to patch up the part that has been damaged. In the cause of breaking you might find out that the entire glass is not broken, only a part is what is damaged. This will therefore make it impossible to replace the whole glass material as it is expensive and some will go into waste. You therefore need to cut out the damaged glass part and replace it with a new glass part. You do this by using the glasscutter to cut out the part that you do not want and subsequently replacing the removed part with a new part like on shower door installation. Some of the equipments that can be repaired using this method are glass tables, building walls made of glass. Once this is done the replacing glass will effectively fit into the space, the other has been removed.


There are some of the equipments that you will find it hard to repair them using the above methods. You therefore have no choice than to replace them with new ones or parts. For example if a wine glass has broken it is impossible to glue it together especially if it has been shattered thus the best way is replacing it with a new one.

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