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Article Spinning

To get a higher pagerank, many webmasters search for backlinks to raise theirs. Backlinks are one of the ways that Google uses to decide which search results come before others. Google page rankings span from zero to 10, with 10 being the highest, rarest rank. A few examples of high-ranking sites are (7), (9), (9), and (10). Newer sites start with zero, and it can be difficult to get any pagerank without having backlinks.

To get backlinks, many webmasters rely on article directories. These sites allow anyone to post an article on them and to include a short bio box that has a link back to a website. That link is what the writers of those articles are after. To get as many of them as possible, article spinning is sometimes used. When used correctly, it can generate hundreds of articles ready for article directories. This is where hiring a professional web design agency to take your business to the next level can help.

How Article Spinning Works

To get started in this form of article marketing, webmasters must start with an original concept for an article. The article has to be completely original, with no part of it printed anywhere else on the Web. The article is then broken down into phrases, sentences or paragraphs — however the webmaster wants to break it up. Each of those units is then rewritten several times, keeping the same meaning as the original passage. The passages ca555n be rewritten three to six times to give the article the number of variable it needs.

The new article is then assembled with all of the variables written into the article in brackets and separated with commas. This signals most spinners that one phrase from each of the variables is to be used one time in each spun version.

The copy is then loaded into a spinner, and the variables are used in random order. For articles with enough versions of each phrase or sentence loaded, this gives the spinner so many options that the resulting articles are all unique. Most spinners can be set to spin the original article and variables into as many articles as requested. A set of 100-300 articles is usually enough for an enormous amount of backlinks without risking any of them being too similar.

Sending Articles to Directories

Some webmasters prefer to send each version to an article directory manually. Others outsource the job to virtual assistants. There are also a number of sites that provide automatic submissions to numerous directories at once. This can save time for busy webmasters, but the failure rate for automatic submissions can be high. A good web design agency can assist you.


There are a number of freelance SEO writers, webmasters and others who are opposed to article spinning. Some feel that it dilutes the content of the web by submitting so much content that is essentially the same. Some freelance writers feel that it takes freelance work from them and delivers less quality than articles that are each written from scratch. Still others believe there’s nothing wrong with the practice and solicit new webmasters in search of article spinning.

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