How To Increase Productivity Of Your Travel Time?

The first and foremost thing to increase productivity of your travel time is to adopt new technologies. With the advancement in computing and smart phones it is very easy to travel. There are many ways to increase productivity of your travel time.

Jelena Ostrovska has top 4 travel tips for you at :

Top 4 Travel Productivity Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Jelena Ostrovska

Would you like to know the best travel productivity tips to help you grow your business even when you’re abroad?
Last week I came back from Israel, where I spent about 2 weeks with family, but I still got a lot of things done.
Some people said they didn’t even feel like I was on a vacation, because I shared a lot of content anyways, so you couldn’t even notice a difference. How did I do that?
In this post I’m gonna share with you 4 travel productivity tips, that will help you do just that.
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You can use your resources in an efficient way. Thus technology can have an epic impact on your travel time. Instead of focusing on the distance, you can easily use latest technology for your ease. On the other hand many entrepreneurs and professional organizers have to travel on daily basis, so with the help of best planning they will be stay from stress.

Read these travel productivity tips by SAM WILLIS at that are really useful:

Travel Productivity – 5 Tips for Focused Working Whilst on the Move.

FEBRUARY 20, 2017

Several months ago I was behind on writing my new book, understandably my publisher was starting to gently apply the pressure to get it finished.

You see I am cursed. Cursed with the concentration span of a goldfish. Cursed to continuously start new things before I have finished the last job. I came to realise that my inability to ‘complete’ has been seriously holding me back.

“The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither.” ~ Confucius.

Whilst in a recent meeting with Carl Reader, who himself has published a couple of books, I asked how he managed to find the time to focus on writing whilst also juggling with the demands of running a growing business. “It’s simple.” he told me. When he needs to get on with a chunky piece of work, he travels.
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In order to increase productivity of your travel time, you can find new ways to create your own space for work. Furthermore you should adjust yourself according to the type of travelling. You should make a plan before starting a trip.

The most significant thing to increase efficiency of your travel time is the time management. You can also deal with your laptops or gadgets. If you have enough space to work freely, you can use your laptop to stay productive.

Also take out some time to watch this video by Robin Sharma:

We all know that travel time is fun, so improve your productivity level by using latest technologies.

How to Learn to Code?

It is very profitable to have programming skills today. If you are one of those people who knows how to code, you are a lucky one.

There are too many people who don’t know how to start their careers in this area. Instead of thinking about that, our advice would be, just start to learn. In this article, we will explain to you how to do that.

There a lot of free good quality courses on the internet where you can get your first programming skills. Devindra Hardawar from VD has written an interesting article on this subject.

The 7 best ways to learn how to code

It’s never been a better time to pick up programming.

No matter your age or experience, a plethora of tools are available to get you started or to help you refine your programming chops. Best of all, many of those resources are free.

You no longer have to spend countless hours trying to deconstruct new programming languages with no help beyond sparsely updated message boards and the good graces of patient IRC chat buddies. (In my day…) Now there are expertly written tutorials, helpful videos, and a wealth of other resources online.

Maybe you’re just curious about what all this programming stuff is about. Maybe you’re just bored. Or maybe, you’ve got the kernel of an idea for the next Facebook. Below, check out seven resources that could help you become a coding genius.

And, if you’ll forgive us for tooting our own horn, you should also check out an eighth resource: our upcoming DevBeat conference, Nov. 12-13 in San Francisco. It’s a hands-on developer event packed with master classes, presentations, Q&As, and hackathons, and you can register right here. Read the full artcile here.


In the previous article, you found out the best sites for learning. Ok, you have gained a new skill, now you have to learn how to be organized and time efficient. You don’t want to lose a lot of time because of lack of good organization. More about this you can find in the article below.

How to Become a Programmer: 8 Steps to Building an App from Scratch

“What’s the best way to learn how to code?”

“How to become a programmer”

“How to build an app”

These are common questions asked everyday by beginners who are eager to learn how to code. No doubt you’ve already googled something along those lines and read enough articles/answers to the point where you’re sick of the “standard” advice.

If you have not, or if you somehow think I have something new to say and want to hear it anyway (I don’t), here is a short and pretty much pointless answer (I shall give it a SEO-friendly click-bait name: “3 Steps to Becoming a Programmer”):

Step 1: Pick a Language

Step 2: Learn the Language

Step 3: Build Stuff and Keep Learning

Read the full article here. 

In the video above, this man will give you some basic instructions about coding and motivate you to start learning. Whether you are a programmer or you are currently learning to code, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. This can trigger some heath problems but there is a solution for this on the market. You have probably heard of adjustable height standing desk. We advise you to look at Work While Walking standing desk reviews in order to find out more information about this.