Mapping Your Investments – The Benefits of Irish Tax Regime

The European Commission has spent years developing a balanced system of corporation tax in the European Union. About 5 years ago, The Commission came up with a proposal with the aim to significantly reduce the administrative burden, accordance costs and all legal incertitude that all businesses in the European Union are facing, because they need to comply with more than 20 national systems for properly defining their taxable profits. Now, when we consider the structure of the EU operations and US companies, and compare their European effective tax rates to those of European companies, we find that USA companies can successfully engage in tax planning, making use mostly of the Irish tax regime. While there may be some advantages to European companies from securing profits and loss in various EU countries, USA corporations continue to benefit from this system which effectively allows them to receive passive income in a low taxed and jurisdiction tax free regime.


Ireland’s economic structure Industry accounts for a higher level of output than is the case in other countries. The Irish economy relies very much on foreign trade. For example, the United Kingdom and the USA are Ireland’s largest trading partners. The benefits of trading with Ireland are that there are no exchange controls and there is no need for approval for foreign investment or capital import. When it comes to selecting a corporate structure for an investment in Ireland, whatever you choose you will be strongly influenced by tax considerations. What are those key futures of Irish attractive corporate regime? Those are 12.5 low corporate tax rate, an IP regime (intellectual property), a appealing holding company regime, an effective zero tax for foreign dividends, a very transparent tax system with more than 60 bilateral tax treaties, a special assignment relief program for administrators relocating to Ireland and many more.

The map below illustrates the corporation tax rates among the primary European economies.

More than 950 multinational corporations have chosen Ireland as their strategic base for Europe because facts mentioned above. Despite the economic crisis which has affected the whole world, Ireland continues to attract all inward investments from the USA. Irish tax regime has been a crucial part of this country industrial policy and their government still stays committed to the 12.5% corporate tax rates. The future for inward investment is very bright and its recent downward realignment of costs only brought them more competitiveness. Irish tax is definitely ideal for a first time investment but also for continuing to invest. Ireland has over 35 years of experience in life sciences, and it has become a globally recognized center of expertise, also it is a largest exporter of software in the world and has the largest number of stock exchange listed investment funds and many more. So whatever you want to invest in, you got yourself covered.

We could easily say that Ireland is a tax heaven. Their laws changed a bit in 2015, reversing the double tax law and now requiring the company which is incorporated in Ireland to be also its tax resident. Nonetheless, foreign investment is still very profitable because corporate tax rate is still at least 4.5 times less than that in the USA.

Take Advantage Of The Pursuing Useful Pastime Suggestions

Hobbies and interests are excellent to go after inside your extra time to help you get through individuals stormy times. Possibly you’ve use up all your suggestions and looking for new things? Or perhaps you’re just curious about what you can do in your house that includes the entire loved ones? You could have fun with cool things like this kids laser tag set that includes two or more laser blasters for having fun all day. Yeah, it is for kids, but adult need to have fun sometimes also, right? When you find yourself looking for a activity, think about stuff that you enjoy. Would you like browsing art work or art galleries? Would you like playing audio? Or, will you appreciate being outdoors? Learning everything you get pleasure from will help you choose the type of activity you should take on. If you like being outdoors, you would probably like playing card sets and the best thing about that is that, the whole family can have fun in a very simple way. Its perfect for travel because it can fit everywhere and you can carry it with you. You can even have a family game night, isn’t that fun?

If you want to get exercise although having fun, you could consider walking. Search for a number of walking ways near home and initiate basking in nature’s miracles. Turn to a colleague and provide them along and go hiking. Some people love extreme sports, so if you are one of them, you would need a surival kit, best if it is a paracord kit which is the esential of having a great, but secure adventure. You could try buying a paracord grenade survival kit which is popular now and includes everything you need, like an eye knife, fire starter etc. You could use survival bracelet also which is an emergency paracord bracelet so you can be extra safe.

paracord kitYou can even get yourself paracord watch to be cool, stylish and safe.  If you like to spend nights outside, and if you like camping, you could use fire starter whistle to make yourself warm and cozy. There are a lot of interesting things for you to look for, and make yourself comfortable. When you go camping, you have to be prepared really good. Sometimes there is a lot of noise at night, and you maybe won’t be able to sleep. So you may have to bring some kind of sleep mask and earplugs to have a better sleep, or resting time. Recent researches shows that sleep mask and earplugs are very healthy for you, and prevent puffy eyes.

If you would like to backyard garden like a pastime, a little bit of planning can significantly help. Initial, select how significantly space you have that has good earth and receives enough sunshine. Then make a decision on the level of vegetation that you wish to develop. Ultimately, purchase your seeds or plants and flowers coming from a reliable back garden middle.

handmade hammockPulling is definitely a creative pastime you could take up when you are creatively minded. A attracting pad and a pair of pencils may be cheaply attained on your nearby create shop. Take into account credit sketching textbooks through the local catalogue as you get going. This will keep your original create expenses downward as low as possible.

Reveal your hobbies with your little ones. Hobbies and interests don’t must be something that you only expertise alone. The entire family can get into it. In reality, it’s the best way to introduce your young ones to interesting things. You may well be amazed to learn that the youngsters could really like exactly the same interests that you simply do!

Getting a interest can sometimes be demanding, particularly when you use up all your tips. Which is where educational content including the a single above enter into play. Now you know about what’s on the market that you just deliver into you residence that can be your brand-new activity. All you should do now is get moving! Or if you really just wanna be lazy all day you can rest in a handmade hammock and read books all day. Or just do nothing, enjoy yourself! The important thing is be stay happy.

What should you know before building a restaurant?

If you were thinking about opening your own restaurant to bring people together to share food and conversation, you might be in the business that will thrive as long as the restaurant has all the factors needed to survive. Next step, after making the decision of opening it, you have to find the right commercial builders to do this job. Commercial contractors are different from residential ones, as building codes, zoning rules and design of commercialized properties have unique specifications.

Before the start of building your restaurant, one thing contractors have to do is to conduct pre-construction analysis as it is important to check if you picked the right place for your restaurant. Building it can’t be done on improper land. When this is done, construction can start.


Opening your own restaurant can be a great way to earn a living, but you will need a lot of time and energy to manage it. This requires a lot of skills and talent. Of course, nothing can be done without a help from loved ones and experts. It is important to have the loved ones by your side, because it makes all things connected to a restaurant less stressful, and you know they will be by your side no matter what happens. And experts can help you in dealing with things you know nothing about. Maybe you are not the type of person that knows how to run a business, but if you are passionate about it then you should go for it and see how it will turn out in the end. The success of your restaurant can be enormous, if your place has many customers and if your food tastes amazing. If this was your dream for years, restaurant builders can help make your vision a reality.

If you want your place to run well, you need to hire the perfect staff, the most hard-working manager possible, and to have a menu so amazing people will want to eat every item while looking at the menu. Great food is a basis for good restaurant, and it is a must if you want to have many customers, but having professional staff is also very important. Rude staff can make your customers never come back to the restaurant, if customers are treated in a bad way, so be careful when hiring them. You should train and prepare your waiters, hosts and cooks in advance so they can cook and serve food even if you wake them in a middle of the night and make them do that. Always pick bubbly and bright personalities, as they will create atmosphere customers will want to get back to every time they think about going on a dinner in town, your restaurant will be their first choice.


When building the restaurant, you need to hire a local GC or general contractor that will be responsible for the overall coordination of a project. His job is to check if everything is being done properly. He must first assess all documents related to this project, to visit a site, to consider the cost of building a restaurant, materials and equipment, and the cost of labor and will provide you with a price for this project. Basically, he will make sure you know everything you should before the start of building a restaurant.

Hair care

Paying attention on the hair truly isn’t a tough action to take once you know what you must look out for. This is why you have to know every little thing about dealing with your hair, because it is very important to understand how hair is looked after in general.

While you are employing a hair dryer always use the medium heat. If you pick the highest heat it can damage your hair. Hot air is very bad for the hair. You should go to the hairdresser once in a month or two to remove split ends. This will lead to healthier hair. Trimming your hair does allow it to be look greater by getting rid of break up ends.

There are a lot different shampoos and hair masks that are good for the hair. They treat dry hair, weak hair, dyed hair and make it look shiny. Try macaroon oil shampoo, it is great for the hair as it makes it soft, treats split ends and moisturizes hair. It is used to cure thinning and shedding, adding thickness, and volume to your hair.

2223649Having fatty food products, overwhelming anxiety, using tobacco and not enough physical activity can make your mind and body sick. Your hair will reflect to the condition of the whole body. Stop using curling irons or flattening golf irons. Warmed steel may cause your hair serious harm. Prior to using these sorts of styling instruments, use conditioners to freeze moisture content and include power in your locks.

One of the most common problems when it comes to hair is hair loss. But there are ways to cure it, or at least to reduce it. Make sure to comb your hair each day. By brushing every day you are going to activate blood circulation on the hair follicles. Using the greater circulation of blood you can expect tissues within your head to get far more active and thereby increase the growth of hair.

There are a lot of shampoos that can help with this problem so find best hair growth shampoo, and just wait until your hair starts growing back. It contains essential oils that penetrate scalp in order to nourish and cleanse your hair. It is the best when it is made from all-natural ingredients.

If shampoos are not helping with this problem there is another option. You can choose between various supplements for hair loss, just drink these capsules every day and they will help. Besides for hair growth, they are also good for skin and nails.

hair-growth-supplements3For those who have tried out everything without improvement, take into account surgical procedure. There is a selection of numerous surgical treatment alternatives, and all are non-intrusive. The most prevalent can be an incredibly tiny follicular system transplant, where a medical professional transplant follicular products towards the hairless location.

Most hair loss medications are expensive and they usually do not constantly work the way people want them to. You are able to select the coloration, fashion and span of your hair, by permitting a wig.

Speak to your medical professional to rule out a hypothyroid problem or anemia. Occasionally excessive hair loss may be as a result of specific conditions, for example complications with your thyroid, lack of steel, or even too much measure of male hormones. Levels of estrogen can quickly decline after the menopause resulting in heightened guy chemicals in the woman’s physique. It is time and energy to check out the dermatologist for the comprehensive scalp examination in case your physician decides that these particular issues aren’t the root cause.

Make sure you stay away from shampoo or conditioner products that include a lot of chemical substances. These sorts of hair shampoos not simply free of moisture your own hair out but lead to break up stops along with a ruined scalp. When you visit the pharmacy, buy a shampoo or conditioner that consists of 100 % natural ingredients.

If you suffer from hair loss, you might like to look at getting contra-androgen prescription medication. This assists filter out the hormones that have a tendency to trigger hair loss. Just make certain you consult with your personal doctor well before making use of anti-androgens. Your medical professional may wish to operate bloodstream try to make sure they are harmless so that you can consider.

Honey is a natural product that is effective for reducing the hair loss When massaged to the head, it may help make hair follicles more robust, which lowers the probability of hair loss. You can use a tablespoon directly to your scalp or you can mix it along with your shampoo or conditioner.

The herb basil has strong properties which may help you in order to avoid further baldness as well as assist in the re-expansion of your own hair. Grind about 20 new basil results in and then place them into a window or a pair of tepid to warm water. Let this combination to great and large. Then put it into a mist package and damp your own hair from it at least two times each day.

When it comes to hair, not only head hair is important. For most men facial hair is important too. Men are especially taking care of their beards, using some kind of beard conditioner. It prevents that famous itchy feeling and it moisturizes and nourishes skin to help prevent irritation.

And when it comes to women, they don’t have beard so of course they will not be interested in something like this but, unlike men, they are interested in growing eyelashes. If you are one of these women check eyelash enhancer reviews and find something that would be suitable for you.

Recovering Lost Travel Pictures And Maps Store On Your Computer

Retrieving Valuable Travel Pics and Other Files

Map Of The World


Have you experienced a computer crash, resulting in losing your work? Imagine losing all data that you’ve furiously worked on. For people who are documenting their travels, losing all those precious images or valuable data can be very infuriating. When this happens, you need not panic. With the right data recovery software, you can still retrieve those lost files and get back to where your work left off.


Computer hard drives tend to crash when they overheat due to prolonged use. When these caches fail, you don’t need to reformat your computer. It is important that you try to recover your files first. Doing the other thing first can lead to more complicated issues relating to the retrieval of your files. Or worst, there is a possibility that you may no longer recover data.


If you’re not sure what to do, it is highly advisable that you step away from your computer and let an expert handle the problem. Experimenting on what solutions work for the glitch may cause more harm.


Recovering Lost Travel Files


Some people love to go to places and documenting their experiences. With the latest technology at their disposal, keeping track of the places that one has traveled is easy and convenient. Are you one of the many individuals who love to store images and data of the places you’ve visited?


Like many of those bitten by the travel bug, you might want to keep memories of your trips. Saving pictures or creating a record of your travels is a nice thing to do. If you want to look back at your experiences, you can simply look at the images and reminisce.


Years ago, travelers would keep track of their trips by hanging a map on their wall. By putting markers on the places they’ve been to, they can easily see how much of the world they’ve covered in their travels.


In this age of computers and the Internet, old-fashioned maps are replaced by digital tools that allows us to have a beautiful visualization of the parts of the globe visited. Interactive maps and other high-tech resources will allow you to collect and store data.


Want to remember the name of the place you’ve strolled into around 3 years ago? These up-to-date tools can give you unprecedented access to precious memories.


But like any other data storage technology, there is a risk of losing all your travel files. Computer breakdown, malware or virus infection, system failure, and human error are some of the common reasons that cause loss of valuable travel files.


If you want an effective data recovery system to help you find the files you’ve lost, get in touch with BinaryBiz. We provide professional data recovery solutions and high-quality tools to retrieve data you thought you’ve lost. From USBs to hard drives, we can get back any type of file or data.


While there are a lot of file-retrieval tools available today, nothing beats the data recovery system and prompt services offered by Binary Biz. From our personal experience we have used them several times to recover lost, failed, or damaged data. We have dropped laptops, damaged our hard drives with wine (ahem) and had great success with them. To learn more, please visit them at:


Traveling While Pregnant – How Safe is It Really?

How Safe is It To Fly During Your Pregnancy?

Normally, traditional air travel (commercial flights) that are prior to the 36th week of your pregnancy is thought about safe for women who have healthy pregnancies. Still, if you’re pregnant, contact your health care supplier before you fly.

Your healthcare service provider might warn against flight if you’re experiencing pregnancy issues that might be gotten worse by air travel or require emergency situation care. The duration of the air travel likewise ought to be considered. Likewise, your health care supplier and lots of airline companies may limit travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

If your health care supplier authorizes air travel and your strategies are versatile, the very best time to fly may be throughout your 2nd trimester. This is when the risks of common pregnancy emergencies are the most affordable.

When you fly:

  • Inspect the airline’s policy about air travel throughout pregnancy. Guidelines for pregnant ladies may differ by provider and location.
  • Buckle up. During the journey, attach the lap belt under your abdomen.
  • Promote flow. Take periodic walks up and down the aisle. If you must stay seated, flex and extend your ankles often. Also, avoid using limiting clothes. Usage of compression stockings may assist prevent blood clots.
  • Consume lots of fluids. Low humidity in the cabin can result in dehydration.
  • Avoid gassy foods and drinks pre-flight. Entrapped gases broaden at altitude, which can trigger pain. Examples include broccoli and soft drinks.
  • Make a contingency strategy. Think about how, if needed, you’ll get obstetric care during your trip.
  • Radiation exposure associated with air travel at high altitudes isn’t really thought to be troublesome for most who fly during pregnancy. However, pilots, air travel assistants and other frequent fliers may be exposed to a level of cosmic radiation that raises concerns during pregnancy. If you need to fly often throughout your pregnancy, discuss it with your healthcare carrier. He or she may advise restricting your total air travel time throughout pregnancy.

Remember that the most important thing to consider is how you personally feel, all these are merely best practices but no one knows your body better than you do. If you’re not feeling up to traveling, listen to your body and just rest…  Dr. West –

Where are the highest paying jobs in healthcare support?

The healthcare industry would be unable to function if it not for the dedicated men and women who work in the health care support system. Of course, we need the doctors, dentists, therapists and other health care professionals in the health industry. However, without the support staff, including secretaries, direct patient care staff and other administrative and clinical support personnel, the healthcare system would fail.

And demand for careers in healthcare support roles is set to increase significantly over the next decade with increase of up to 40% in employment in some healthcare roles.

If you are considering a career in healthcare support you may be interested to learn that there can be a significant variation in salary levels between states for certain careers, even when local cost of living adjustments have been allowed for.

The map below highlights where the highest paying entry level healthcare careers in the USA in 2015.

The information is based on information available from the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

The top healthcare roles featured in this map are profiled below;

Dental Assistants

Dental assistants perform a variety of tasks in the dental office, including patient care, office procedures and lab procedures. The average salary for those working in dental assisting in 2015 was $32,754 with approximately 314,000 people employed in the sector.

Home Health Aides

Home health aides provide basic care for disabled people, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses or cognitive impairments. The average annual salary of a home health aid in 2015 was $21,600 with just shy of 800,000 people employed in the role.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants provide a number of clinical and administrative tasks within a medical office.  The average median salary for a medical assistant in 2015 was $21,800 with almost 585,000 working in the role in the USA.

Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides

Occupational therapy assistants help patients with the exercises and activities associated with their specific treatment plan that was developed by an occupational therapist. Occupational therapist aides, on the other hand, prepare the equipment and materials used by patients during their treatment and perform basic clerical duties.  Occupational therapy aides in 2015 earned an annual salary of $51,800 with 32,200 working in the role.

Physical Therapy Assistants and Aides

Physical therapy assistants perform a number of tasks under the direction of a physical therapist while aids perform tasks such as cleaning the treatment rooms and keeping all the supplies organized. Physical therapy aides are supervised by physical therapy assistants or physical therapist. The median income for a physical therapy assistant is $48,800 with 76,900 people employed in the role last year.

Put Your Company Party On The Map. Hire A Comedian.

Location Is Everything. So Is Creating A Buzz.


When you are looking to “put your company on the map” or looking to create some buzz in the press you will want to do something different.  What many companies in the Geo location business do, companies like Garmin, Google and others is bring in a comedian to their corporate parties.

Required a laugh? the most outrageous regional comedians are offered from LOL. Whether you’re searching for a clean comedian or someone more edgy, we’ll help you discover the top comedian for your group. Nobody understands ways to work a crowd like a professional comic. Employ a comic from LOL and see on your own! Prepare yourself to laugh aloud!

Most company events have a motivational speaker, or a DJ and a live band. Those things are all well and good. But people expect them.  If you really want to stand out and make the event and more importantly the company message you are trying to convey, hiring a comedian is probably the best money you can spend.

One time I can make is to find a comedian that is adaptable. What I mean by that is when you want someone that can weave parts of your business into his or her jokes. Since you are reading this post you are most likely in the map based or geo location industry.  Since this is a company event you will most likely not really coarse language.  One helpful place to find a clean comedy act is Lol Biz, this is a great resource for signing a comic act.  They have hundreds to choose from and works best in our experience to hire from an agency as the variety will often yield a better return than simply looking for individual comic acts which can be quite time consuming going through hundreds of different websites.

maps and glasses

Now I understand that telling geo locations jokes might be kind of tough so here are a few tips that I can tell you to relay to the comic-

Make jokes about getting lost.  Everyone gets lost at one point. But if they used your map or app based location service would they have actually gotten lost?

If you are in the app based niche, what happens when you have no data connection?  He can write a joke about how the apocalypse happens when your internet connection does not give you driving directions.

Or if you are in the satellite based niche how your tech is superior to the internet based devices as they work basically all over the world without interference.  It is these little things that will allow your act to be better received since they will tell punchlines that will be better received by their audience. So by shaping the comic’s act you are helping them to be funnier and helping your co workers to have a better time.


Good luck at your next company event!